Monday, September 19, 2011

Guest Blogging on Molinism

I have written a post on Molinism as a guest blogger here. Some time in the next few days I will write a follow-up post on the - or at least a (!) - Reformed position regarding God's "types" of knowledge.


Drake Shelton said...


Your blog looks cool man. So are you a Clarkian or what? I'm a Clarkian in epist. and meta. but my soteriology is very Scottish-Westminsterian-Marrowian. Anyway, ever thought through Nicene Triadology? Do you hold a social view of the Trinity?

Ryan said...

Thanks. I would call myself a Clarkian on epistemology. I like some of Clark's points on metaphysics - e.g. his agreement with Leibniz in Clark and His Critics pgs. 148-149 - but I can't pretend to be well-read on what he has to say on the whole.

As to Trinitarianism, I have noticed a problem in referring to the Triune God using a singular, personal pronoun as in the WCF, but I confess I haven't attempted to resolve it. Historical theology, Christology, and the Trinity are probably my weakest areas of understanding, which is probably why I find your website(s) so interesting. Unfortunately, the subject matter appears a bit out of my depth at the moment, but I still look forward to reading your theology manual, which will hopefully be organized in such a way that a layman such as myself can understand it.