Monday, May 24, 2010

Guest blog and other updates

Besides finals, a new job as a lifeguard, and summer vacation, part of the reason I haven't posted anything new here these past few weeks is because I've been preparing to do it elsewhere. My guest blog appearance at the above site (visit it!) will anticipate some material I will be incorporating in my essay for this year's TrinityFoundation contest, and maybe Mr. Bryson himself will stop by to provide the occasion for further stimulation... or not. Either way, since I've completed that, since the initial summer break rush is gone, and since I've read some new books, I'm out of excuses not to get back to regular posting.

[In less cheerful news, my opponent in the Calvinist debate is AWOL after my most recent cross-ex question. Bummer. I'll post what cross-ex questions/answers I have left and then will probably do a conclusion post in the spirit of what I thought was a pretty successful first semi-formal debate.]

UPDATE: The above link is dead. To read the review, see here.


Anonymous said...

The link is dead. Is this post no longer available?

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