Thursday, October 22, 2009

I hardly knew ye

Marcus writes: 

"I've decided not to respond for numerous reasons. The greatest being that both bloggers are strangers that I have no reason to debate."

He's encountered strangers on the internet! Certainly a strange phenomenon. One wonders if Marcus would add this type of "reasoning" to the following list of fallacies and excuses he generously advises one should avoid:

"Oh, a few tips for comments, personal attacks, emotional appeals and circular reasoning are not advised. Along with the pessimistic "you'll never listen anyway..." All that says to me is that you can't answer my questions."


Sadly, Marcus doesn't realize that he's simply exchanged one form of close-mindedness for another.


Anonymous said...

Sheesh, nothing better to do than blog about a 16 year old atheist that you don't know? Why not take on someone like John Loftus or Steve Wells?

Perhaps I don't consider arguing with you very important.

Ryan said...

In the three minutes it took for me to reply to you, no, I had nothing better to do. Do you have nothing better to do than to write criticisms of Christianity that you don't intend to defend?

Loftus has his hands full with Hays, and I've never heard of Steve Wells. Finally, with regards to how you consider my argument, "all that says to me is that you can't answer my response to your criticism."